Your business should be winning the internet.

Speed up your site, develop great content, and get your site local SEO ready to beat all your competition.

Contact us to find out how to start Winning the Internet. We guarantee* to increase traffic to your site and increase your Local SEO. Our first consult is free with no obligation.

Amazing meeting. I came away with a real understanding
of what we needed to do to rank higher.
Jon P., Toronto

WE DO Your Blogging and SEO For You™

We Do Your Blogging and SEO for You
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About Us

We Do Your Blogging for You™ is a new digital marketing agency launched by two Internet veterans who went viral before there was even a name for it. We’ve been dedicated to building digital businesses for decades. Get the WeDo edge in developing your online strategy and start winning the Internet.

Six Pillars of
Digital Business Building

Win the Internet by maximizing the power of Local SEO.

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Content is King

Compelling, interesting, or funny, content makes the internet go 'round and converts visitors to customers.

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Site Speed

Site speed is critical to you retaining the customers who are already trying to visit your site.

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Search Engine Optimization will get your site SEO ready to rank so potential customers visit your site.

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My Business Profile

Google's gateway to top of your local search engine rankings and a phenomenal tool for connecting with prospective customers in your area.

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Social Media

From Facebook to TikTok, invest in your online community to attract new site visitors and increase referrals.

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Paid Advertising

Google and social media advertising will act as a launchpad for increased traffic.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to helping SME’s win the internet – even against the big guys – by maximizing the power of local SEO. 

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The time is now to find out how your business
can win internet

Free, no obligation consult that offers real, actionable advice on how to rank your site higher, increase your visibility, and get more, higher qualified, visitors to your website.

*Performance Guarantee: WE DO Your Blogging and SEO for You™ will increase your site speed, your site traffic, and your Local SEO standing. Guaranteed.