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We do your content & SEO for you™

We do your Content & SEO for you™

Terms and Conditions of
the free SEO audit service

If we are doing a Free SEO Audit you may have some concerns about our Terms and Conditions. That is what this page is for.

First, let us congratulate you on taking the big step toward optimizing your website. No entrepreneur today should go another day without knowing whether or not their site is optimized for search engines. And, if they do, they will be losing money!

With this free service, we are providing a 2nd opinion as to whether your site will attract the number of new visitors that it has the potential to do!

Our free SEO Audit is part of the first step to EITHER: take on the task of getting your website tuned up so it will generate you more new business, OR; checking if your web designer or SEO service provider is doing or did do (or both) what they ought to have. 

In the process of doing an audit we will end up gathering information about your company. That information is publicly available and that means anyone can get it the same way we did. However, this brings up some issues that are not covered by our privacy policy, as detailed below.

For the purposes of this web page, the business entity getting the audit, meaning “your company”, is hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your company”. And We do your blogging and SEO for you™ is hereinafter referred to as “WE DO”.

  1. The Terms and Conditions on this page, which are specific to the free SEO audit only, in no way supersede or replace the privacy policy.
  2. The Terms and Conditions on this page do not apply to any other services that WE DO provides to you.
  3. In regards to this free service (audit) here is absolutely no obligation (on either party) nor cost for this service, period.
  4. The information that WE DO collects from an SEO Audit and from any conversations with the employees or owners and executives of your company will be considered private and, therefore, is covered by the privacy policy on this site.
  5. If we are asked to provide additional paid services to you, WE DO will use the audit information to assist in your business growth and success. Such success would be in the form of higher ranking website and web pages, increased traffic to your company website or a ranking your company Google My Business listing higher – with the goal to get you into the Map Pack. These services are meant to culminate in converting more of this additional traffic and exposure into new business that you would not have had were it not for our services.
  6. If we are not asked to perform paid services, WE DO will retain the information gathered. However, WE DO never releases your company information to any third party except where such release does not contain or divulge your company NAP + W (name, address, phone + website of your company).
  7. Your company data, without your NAP + W or any identifier (logo, etc.) should be seen as merely numbers or data. And WE DO never shares anything about the gathered data to any other party that would allow such party to ascertain who you are, what you do or don’t do.
  8. WE DO will not send results of an SEO Audit via email and this is mainly because the information sent may be tough for those without SEO experience to understand. And, because we do not email your company information there is no way for a hacker to intercept it and this helps with your company privacy.
  9. WE DO only provides the results of a free SEO Audit via secure webinar. Should a copy of the report be required, WE DO shares documents directly through Facebook Messenger, WhatsAPP or Google Drive.
  10. For a fee of $25, WE DO can mail the report information to you.
  11. If you waive liability (by sending us an email stating that you do), WE DO will email the SEO Audit report.
  12. WE DO retains your company information in Cloud Storage and on one encrypted hard drive. It is very unlikely that your company data with identifying information will ever end up in the hands of a third party.
  13. WE DO uses Ubersuggest to do the portion of the SEO Audit that WE DO does not do. Ubersuggest only gathers information that is either: on your company website that is public, or; that Google has and makes available to anyone doing an online search for what you offer. WE DO downloads data about you direct from Ubersuggest, meaning this information is never sent via email. And WE DO does not supply any information about you to Ubersuggest other than your web address.
  14. WE DO also uses the SEO META IN 1 CLICK application, known as a Chrome Extension, to look at additional technical information about your company website. This information is public and no email is even sent, nor does WE DO provide any information about you to SEO META IN 1 CLICK.
  15. WE DO can only provide the results of the SEO Audit and make recommendations, whether you do any activity or lack of activity or misinterpret this suggests we make is not our fault and we shall be held blameless by your company for any and all damages that result from you using what WE DO provides without getting paid services from WE DO. 

If you wish to be bored while being ultra careful, you can read the privacy policy of Ubersuggest here.

We trust you understand that we never kiss and tell nor disclose your information. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.