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Is Blogging Worth It in 2022?

Is blogging worth in 2022? A woman sits at a cafe enjoying working on a blog on her computer.

Is blogging worth it in 2022? When we think of blogging, we think of the early 2000s – brightly coloured, flip-top Nokia phones, weekend visits to Blockbuster, and low-rise jeans. All of which have gone the way of the Guemesia ochoai, my new favourite dinosaur (which was armless, by the way).

Blogging never disappeared. Even with the advent of podcasts and vlogging, which seem like way more entertaining methods of learning something new, blogging is still very popular.

Setting up a blog can be a considerable investment, and maintaining it over time can seem like a daunting task. From coming up with topics, to doing the actual writing and editing, to learning about and performing the SEO tasks, it’s a lot. 

You have to ask yourself: is blogging profitable, or are blogs a thing of the past?

As it turns out, blogging is alive and well and helping businesses grow. Let’s take a look at what has changed and why blogs are good in 2022:

What makes blogging a good investment?

So, at the risk of sounding like a dinosaur myself, I can tell you that many other things have changed since the early 2000s. Most importantly is how search engines assess your site. 

Search Engines Have Changed

Back in the day, you would register your site with a search engine by submitting your site information through a form. Then the search engine would take a look at your site, use the information you supplied to categorize it, and then display your site within your business or topic category.  Over time, search engines used and discarded various means of assessing sites.

Now? It’s a whole new ball game. Content is king. Search engines have programs called spiders that automatically read and assess new content as it gets published. These spiders catalog the content, and then, when your potential client is searching for your type of product or service, the search engine may show your site.

And may not. Or may show your site on page 3 of the search results (which might as well be page 100 given how few potential clients look past the first page after a search).

There are a few things to unpack here: 

  1. Search engines are constantly looking for newly-published material and will read and categorize your site.
  2. A program is assessing your content, though, not a human. A program doesn’t think. It only recognizes strings of characters. We have to make sure we provide the right strings. 
  3. The search engine decides when to show your site and how high its ranking will be.


In short, you need to consistently publish new material to catch the attention of the search engines. And that new content better be chock-full of the phrases your clients use to find you. Or they won’t find you. SEO (search engine optimized) blogging is a good investment. It drives traffic to your website.

If you would like to understand how Google assesses content, read this blog.

Why Blogs Are Good For My Business

Blogs are content. Blogs are a method we can use to deliver our message in a way that the search engines will understand. And then get that content to your clients.

But don’t take our word for it. When you’re asking, “Is blogging worth it in 2022?”, you might turn to pro bloggers to see what they say. And they are saying they’re doing very well.

Is blogging worth it in 2022? 77% of bloggers report favourable results from consistent blogging.

Orbitmedia in England runs a massive blogger survey every year. Many interesting statistics come out of that survey. 

Over 77% of consistent bloggers saw favourable results for their efforts. And 1 in 5 bloggers is reporting strong results – higher traffic, higher-quality traffic, and conversions. All this means business growth which is why blogs are good for business.

However, the Orbitmedia study confirms that blogs are getting longer, and bloggers with longer content are more likely to see significant results. And most bloggers post weekly or more. With each blog taking, on average, over four hours to write, many small businesses are unable to play this most critical game in modern business.

How Do You Know If Blogging is Worth It?

Is blogging worth it in 2022? 14% (and rising) of bloggers don't know if they are getting results.

A lot of people don’t. Astoundingly, 14% of bloggers shrug when asked if their blog is getting results. How can that be? 

We believe knowledge gaps combined with the time crunch experienced by so many small- to medium-sized businesses is to blame. But there is a solution. Contact WEDO. We are dedicated to helping small business use their websites as attraction magnets and business builders.

And it looks like many business owners are leaving their websites to sit quietly instead of broadcasting the good word about their products or service far and wide. What’s stopping them? 

Find Out How Much Blogging Will Help Your Business

So, is blogging worth it in 2022? Is blogging really profitable for your business? The WEDO team is standing by to explain to you how blogging will help build your business. And we’ll explain it in clear, understandable language. AND our rates are highly reasonable. No obligation, get a free SEO Audit here.

P.S. By the way, take a look at Guemesia ochoai dinosaur, the armless wonder. Maybe I should write a blog about him? 😉

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