The image shows a feather with a directional arrow representing business growth from SEO and Content Creation (blogging, etc) and is the logo of; We Do Your Blogging For You™

We do your content & SEO for you™

We do your Content & SEO for you™

Let us do your Blogging, Shorts, Reels, and SEO for you.

SEO Generates New Business
Get higher quality web traffic & convert more visitors to leads.
SEO Offers Impressive ROI
SEO optimization and blogging programs get you more business
SEO Builds Your Reputation
Establish credibility and trust by sharing your expertise.
SEO Works 24/7
Your website will still be attracting customers while you sleep.
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To find out how you can attract far more new business:

Prince Edward County

We are digital marketing and SEO experts with offices in Prince Edward County, Hamilton and Toronto. We are a team with decades of digital marketing experience dedicated to increasing quality web traffic to your site and building your business.

You put a lot of money into building a website for business. What’s the use if nobody sees it? Or if your competitors are constantly ranking higher in search engine results? You need to attract that high-quality organic traffic to your website. That’s where we come in.

More Traffic. More Leads. More Business.

The Best Content

Since 2022, Google has prioritized search results based on E.E.A.T., an acronym for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. If you offer website visiors the first two, your are pretty unique.

Now, ask yourself if A.I. can replace your uniqueness. If the answer is no, posting human-created content on your site will likely rank higher in searches.

If you still intend to use A.I., the best approach is to give ChatGPT (or another language model) specific instructions and then edit the results to insures your posts have your uniqueness. If you don't take this extra effort, your wbsite will be like every site that has A>I. driven content.

Of course, you can hire us if you don't have time to create and edit your content.

The Role of SEO

Most savvy business people need help comprehending SEO. It is not part of their expertise, and learning enough to take a DIY route is time-consuming and frustrating. We get it.

The first thing anyone in business needs to know is the return on investment in SEO is high. In other words, the effort is well worth it.

That is why we offer a free SEO audit service. An audit gathers revealing information and provides a check to see if the people you outsourced that work to did it right!

In addition, without auditing your website (and those of your competition), you will never know why your competitors consistently outrank you. That is why a quality service like ours is valuable!

Google Business Profile

The artist-formerly-known-as-Google-My-Business (GMB) is Google's business social platform that connects to your local audience -- customers who are already searching for what you offer. If your presence is there and optimized, more customers will connect with you, and your business will grow.

Recently, we had a customer order a free SEO audit, and we included a local SEO audit with it. What did we find? She had not verified her Google Business Listing, which means it did not appear on Google Maps and other Google Searches.

That error alone may have cost her $10,000 in net profit a year because all local searches for her printing and branding service could not find it!

The role of Blogging and SEO

The role of
Blogging and SEO

Content is the foundation of marketing strategy according to Google. Site owners need to “Focus On Content. Since Google is the dominant search engine today, businesses need to follow its lead.

Blogging (content creation) and SEO (content optimization) are the tools you use to align with Google’s requirements for ranking websites. Google believes in content because it wants its users to be completely satisfied with their search results. Their advice to site owners:

We suggest focusing on ensuring you’re offering the best content you can. That’s what our algorithms seek to reward.

Nice to know, but what do you do if you’re already too busy running your business? What if you’re not a natural writer or content creator? What if you don’t know where to start?

WE DO YOUR BLOGGING & SEO FOR YOUTM will create content, optimize it, and ensure your site is SEO ready. We are committed to building traffic to your website and building your business. SEO and content creation plans can see an amazing ROI from between six and twelve months.

With packages starting as low as $995 per month, there is a biz dev plan to suit your pocketbook as well as your business dreams. Contact us to learn about how we can support your brand and increase your website ranking, so you get a lot more new business.

What you need to know...

To find out how your website
can generate far more new business, call:
(613) 476-8343

Your website will produce high quality leads from increased traffic.
Start with a free, no obligation, SEO audit.

To find out how your website can generate far more new business, call:
(647) 967-7366

Your website will produce high quality leads from increased traffic. Start with a free,
no obligation, SEO audit.